Access Our E-invoicing API
via Ibanity, Isabel Group’s
API Marketplace


Achieve seamless Peppol integration in under a month with Flowin’s off-the-shelf API.
We handle all API maintenance and support, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

As part of Isabel Group, Belgium’s largest fintech, our e-invoicing API is easily accessible through Ibanity. Visit Ibanity to access our exclusive developers’ environment. 






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Access Open Documentation


Avoid unnecessary development, access our open documentation, and enjoy instant PEPPOL connectivity.


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Test Without Commitments


Create a free account to confidently test your applications with a free sandbox.



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Explore a Developer Environment


Explore Ibanity’s dedicated space for developers integrating Isabel Group’s API solutions.



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Experience Effortless Integration


Discover a seamless self-service, supported by technical assistance via Slack, email, and contact form.



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